10 Things Belgium Has Taught Me

 Saturday, June 2, 2012

You know that moment when you are trying to fall asleep and your brain suddenly transforms into some kind of super-thinker with the power of the energizer bunny? Yeah, well I just had one of those and in that moment I suddenly realized. . . my Exchange is practically over.

 Has it really been a year already? Am I really closing in on the end of my Exchange? How is that possible? I just got here yesterday. . . didn't I? I guess it makes sense. I mean, I don't feel at all like the girl who stepped off that plane all those months ago. I've learned so much in such a short amount of time. I don't even know how it is possible, but I have become a completely different person.

You don't believe me? Well I made a list, just to prove it to you. (Also, I can't sleep and needed something to do.) So here it is, my list of Top Ten Things Belgium Has Taught Me:

1) Mother Nature is a very temperamental woman, and at some point in History Belgium must have done something to tick her off. This is why you must ALWAYS dress in layers (carrying an umbrella can't hurt much either). Even if you wake up to a day of happy sunshiny warmth, chances are you are going to get buckets and buckets of ice-cold rain dumped on your head at some point during the day.

2) Belgian Waffles really ARE all they are cracked up to be (and they weren't lying about the chocolate either).

3) As unlikely as it seems, it is entirely possible to feel two completely opposite emotions at the exact same time WITHOUT exploding. What I mean it say is, you can be having the time of your life making all kinds of incredible friends (and even adding some pretty awesome people to your family tree) and basically being happier than you have ever been in your life. . . while at the same time ACHING for home and wanting to break down into tears with the pain of missing your family and friends.

4) Never expect a Tram/ Metro to be on time. Never expect an available seat in the Tram/Metro either. . . or even space to breathe for that matter. In fact, the only thing you CAN trust when it comes to the Metro system is that it's workers are going to go on strike at the worst possible moment, leaving you absolutely stranded.

5) As terrifying as the thought of sleeping under a strangers roof for a good chunk of time is, the end result is BEYOND worth it. The things you will learn, the places you will see, and above all the people you will meet and grow to love will change your life forever.

6) Microwaves are completely unnecessary. . . and actually kinda icky.

7) French voice-overs of any TV show/Movie are absolutely INTOLERABLE, and must be stopped for the sake of all mankind.

8) It really is a small world after all.

9) That language barrier everyone is always talking about? Yeah, it's VERY real, and in the beginning it might seem impossible to overcome. But after a few months of exhaustion, an ocean of unfamiliar words, and what seems like a never ending game of charades, that barrier WILL come crashing down like the Berlin Wall. And when it does. . . well that is something I just can't describe. :)

10) There is enough room in the human heart for an incredible amount of people. You would think that eventually the love would run out, but there is no such thing as a "no vacancy" sign when it comes to  finding a special place in your heart for a special someone.


Nan June 5, 2012 at 7:06 PM  

Dear Morgan,

I am so glad you are coming home. We cannot wait to see you again, beautiful girl. I am insanely jealous of your Belgium experience, and all that you have learned. I hope life continues to treat you well until we meet again. <3

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